Sabtu, 8 Ogos 2009

Lop Ear Rabbit At Newhillz

Alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity to own these 3 lovely Lop Eared Does.
Thanks to Elzat from "Arnab Teman Ku"

Aren't they lovely? They are 5 months old, which at their teen age. So you can expect I'm going to have more & more lop ear bunnies soon...Stay tune!

Some fact about lop eared rabbits,

- The English Lop is the oldest of the lop-eared breeds. Virtually every other lop-eared breed has been derived from the English lop. The English Lop is lop eared breed with longest ear. Usually reaching over 22 inches in length from tip to tip.

-Biggest lop eared breed is French Lop, this breed started in 19th century France through selection breeding of English Lop, wild rabbit and Flemish Giant. The weight of German Lop is around 4.5-6kg.

- Holland Lop is a Dutch breed bred by a Dutch rabbit Judge, Mr A de Cock. He develop this breed using Papillions, Netherland Dwarfs and French Lop, which took him twelve years to achieve the smaller lop-eared rabbit he sought.

- German Lop is a recent arrived breed from Germany. Breeders used Holland Lop and French Lop with intention of creating a breed like the French Lop with a size and weight mid way between these two breeds.

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