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Antibiotics dangerous for use in rabbits

A number of antibiotics is reported dangerous in rabbits. While they help fight a bacterial infection, they bring about secondary effects like nephrotoxicity or gastrointestinal troubles that can have a fatal issue.

Dysbiosis is often observed; the enteric bacterial flora, that is naturally present in the cecum and the intestines of the rabbit, is disrupted.

This situation enables pathogenic bacteria, such as Clostridium spp, to grow in the GI tract and to produce dangerous toxins.

Here is a list of antibiotics that have been reported dangerous for use or fatal for rabbits. Please print it and store it in a safe place, show it to your vet in case he wants to give your rabbit antibiotics.

Name of antibiotic                    Effect

Ampicillin                             40 to 100% fatal enteritis,
                                         dependent on dosage

Amoxicillin                            Diarrhea after oral administration.

Cephalexin                           Diarrhea after oral administration.
                                         Injection of cephalosporin has proven safe.

Clindamycin                          50 to 100% fatal enteritis, dependent
                                         on dosage

Erythromycin                        Diarrhea

Lincomycin                           33 to 100% fatal enteritis, dependent
                                         on dosage

Minocycline                          Reduction of growth rate

Penicillin                              Acute and/or chronic enteritis (diarrhea)
                                         after oral administration. Injection
                                         of cephalosporin has proven safe.

Spectinomycin                      Diarrhea

Spiramycin                           Nervousness

Tilmicosin                             Fatal adverse reaction has been
                                         observed. The reaction seems
                                         rabbit dependent and it is advised
                                         to do a test dose of 5 mg/kg
                                         before doubling dosage.

Tylosin                                Diarrhea

Vancomycin                         Acute toxicity with 100% mortality

From: T. H. Morris: Antibiotic Therapeutics in Laboratory Animals. Laboratory Animals 29: 16-36.

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  2. Try Oxbow.
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