Khamis, 6 Mei 2010

News From ARPA

Dear my Malaysian friends,

How are you all going ? Healthy and happy I hope,
I have not heard any news from you all since my email was hackaed by someone in England. How is the progress of MyRPA (Malaysian Rabbit production Association) ? Is it already formed and inaugurated?

The Indonesian-ARPA, has 1 branch in Semarang (Central Java) and in May will have one in Batu-Malang (East Java), and in July another one in Payakumbuh (West Sumatera).
If everything runs well, Indo-ARPA will have a national activity, a workshop, contest and exhibition of live rabbits and rabbit meat dishes, auction and also tour of visits to some rabbit farms. It is also planned to have some training on all aspects of farming with some trainers from China.

Other thing is that the website of ARPA has been activated. its name is However the content is barely available, except the featureas on About Us and Contact Us. Therefore I invite your cooperation to share your rabbit activities in your country to be uploaded to our web. Early May the ARPA will issue its first newsletter and I hope that each country can contribute some news for the newsletter.
Please visit our web and make comment on it. Later on in the feature Discussion Forum each member can discuss problems, share the expereince etc. You can also fill the previous meeting and also plan for next meeting etc in the Past and Upcoming Event. Gallery is for some pictures of our activities. We also plan to put advertisements of rabbit companies and products in this feature. However we have not come up with the conditions for this plan.

Please inform our other members who is not yet included in this email.

Best regards,Yono

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